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ExxonMobil Heads or Tails Cycling Time Trial looks forward to seeing you on March 3, 2018!

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Start/ Lap/ Finish on the highway under the crosswalk to the Lamar University Montagne Center. One lap equals 10K. Four laps equals 40K. Start on the ramp in the center lane. Merge into the left lane when safe. Watch for cyclists starting next lap. There is plenty of time to merge. Once you cross under East Lavaca, runners will be in the outside lane - to your right. Cyclists will stay in the left lane. Once the barricade to your left ends, merge into the south bound inner most lane.

At College/ Highway 90 (approximately three miles from the start), make a right at the wide sweeping U-turn. Move into the center lane and stay there. Runners will be to your left and eventually north bound cyclists will be to your right.

Upon returning to Lamar University, the center lane will become the left lane. Stay there. You will pass the start ramp to your right. Make a U-turn about a quarter mile past Virginia Ave. overpass at Alabama St. and return to the start line where you will pass the start ramp on your right.

As you begin your next lap, stay in the far left lane as those starting have the center lane to pedal up to speed. Once you cross under East Lavaca, then all outbound cyclists will merge into the left lane with you until you mere once again into the southbound inner most lane.

Link to map:

Heads or Tails Cycling TT Map